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I have breast engorgement! Also, my 14weeks old baby's mouth is hot. He is on EBF
If you think a baby has temperature, you must measure FIRST with a thermometer...NORMAL TEMP IS 36.5 - 37.4......NO MATTER WHAT YOU FEEL. If your thermometer reads above 37.5 then give paracetamol and see a doctor for a proper evaluation to know the cause of the fever. There are so many causes of fever.
In the process of weaning how long does it take engorged breast to return to normal Thanks.
It is expected to resolve within some days. In other to relieve the engorgement, you can use pain killers, you can also apply some hot compress which can let out some milk for relief if it's too engorged but avoid squeezing. You can also wear firm bras
IN NEED OF A RELIABLE BREAST PUMPGood day moms. Please I need advice on the best double breast pump in Lagos and stores that sell same. Thanks
You can get it on jumia, konga or PEP stores in Lagos
When Weaning my baby , How best can one minimize the pain that comes with engorged breast?Good morning able doctors and experienced moms. How best can one minimize the pain that comes with engorged breast? The pain is mu...
Wear firm bra, reduce ur fluid and food intake for a day or 2. If u are not an ulcer patient, u can u ibuprofen tab twice daily for 2 days.
Please help me out, I'm trying to wean my baby off breastfeeding and my breast is now engorged. What do I do?
Sorry dear, you can use moist heat on the breasts for a few minutes, or take a brief hot shower before breastfeeding. This may help the milk begin to flow. Note: Use of heat for extended periods of time (over 5 minutes) may make swelling worse. Use cold compresses for 10 minutes after feedings to reduce swelling. If things don't get better, See your lactation expert/consultant