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Is it all exclusive baby that grows fat?
All exclusive breastfed babies must not be fat. The most important thing is their weight and health. Read the links below to be more guided.
What food should I stop eating to stop getting fat,I really want to reducePlease, How do I reduce in Size
Hello dear, i was once in ur shoes. So u have me to talk to. Though ive been trying to make posts all weightloss. I sure will soon. To loose weight, there are 3 Ds. Determination, Discipline and Dedication. Now back to ur question, Say no to d following. Junks, Bread or anything made of flour, Carbonated drinks including fruit juice, go for home made fruits juice instead, no candy, no sugar. Reduce ur carbonhydrate intake to d bearest minimum. Rice, yam, swallow etc. Say no to late night food, never skip breakfast except for spiritual purpose, take lots of water, Take more of food high in fibre, oats, beans, vegetables fruits too but never take fruits high in calorie after 12 noon e.g mangoes, oranges, watermelon, pineapple, eat unripe plantain instead of yam, make vegetables ur dinner most of d time, Cucumber and garden are also good for dinner, cabbage too with little Jago mayonnaise. Eat less snack, exercise daily for at least 30 mins a day, get a skipping rope for a start, skip 100 a day and increase it by 20 daily. Do other exercises too depending on where u want to burn fat d most. Currently im okay with my size but i want an hour glass shape and im working it out. I will say more on my post. Watch out!!!!