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Can I deworm my baby of 9 months although she was immunized yesterday and still having fever?
No you can't, deworming should start after the child is a year old. You can give paracetamol for the fever.
My 6 months old son is running temperature.. most especially on his forehead, palm and his legs... What could be the cause? He was...
Kindly note that you cannot just treat fever but the underlying cause needs to be addressed.

Fever can be caused by different illness, it could be malaria, viral infections e.t.c. Fever is confirmed only with a temperature reading above 37.5°c with a digital thermometer
Which drugs can I give my baby of 5to6month with faver6months
For high temperature kindly use a digital thermometer to check and not rely on your hands. Anything higher than 37.5 is fever, you can give paracetamol and tepid sponge on the body. If it persists see a doctor.
My one year, 3 months old baby has been vomiting. No sign of fever, she still plays as usual. Please what could be the cause?
Have you dewormed your baby? If no, kindly deworm you may also need to watch out for food
allergies, if the vomiting is severe you have to see a pediatrician for proper diagnosis and treatment.
My 3-years-old baby is running temperature and his hands and feet are cold, he is feverish and also coughing.
Did you check the temperature with a
My 3months old baby boy has been vomiting but not forcefully, he doesn't have a fever or diarrhoea, he is also gaining weight. The...
He may have what we can gastroesophagea I reflux...just a jargon that says food return from the stomach to the oesophagus after feed instead of staying down. For such babies, you need to keep
them upright for up to 30 minutes or more after each feed. So it stays down. You can keep them in the car seat put in an upright position if you are too tired or busy to carry them that long...others can help too.....sometimes that may not work and some babies need to have their feeds thickened and so on....but we will do that only if it so bad and not allowing baby to gain weight....please see your paediatricians for further management at that point
What are the remedies for cough, for a 10 months old baby. She also has cold and fever. what medicine should I give her?
Please note that most cough and cattarh are usually due to viral infection which will normally
run their course with or without any medication, go and see a doctor.
My baby is 7 month and he is teething. He had a high temperature and we went to the hospital did test and is being treated for mal...
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It is advisable to take your child back to the hospital to be seen by a paediatrician for a review. The child might be irritable, hence the crying and the reason for this needs to be ascertained.
What causes a girl of 7 years to keep vomiting and also always complaining of stomach upset but doesn't have a temperature?
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Anything can make a child vomit, especially when associated with other symptoms. please take the child to the hospital so the cause of these can be ascertained and treated. Please avoid self medication.
Great work babymigo has been doing...My daughter of 19 months..has a temperature I can't describe....sometimes her stomach will be...
Hello Ma, Did you check with a thermometer?
pls, what can I apply to my child of two years mouth? He had a fever while treating it notice sore in his mouth
please take the child to the hospital. The cause of sores need to be ascertained before treatment
My one year old start vomiting this morning, she is very active, no fever, no cough, or catarrh but she can't hold anything down e...
The most important thing is to KNOW why or the CAUSE of the vomiting and address promptly if and when known.
Please kindly take the child to the hospital to see a doctor preferably a paediatrician for further evaluation and treatment.
I noticed fever from my baby's body yesterday, and when I removed his clothes around 1 am, I noticed that his body is reddish in c...
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Kindly see a doctor preferably a paediatrician or dermatologist for appropriate treatment. Their are different types of rashes with different causes which also may require different treatment. Most have to be seen before the right diagnosis can be made and treatment commenced.
Good evening Dr. Pls can I give paracetamol to my baby of 10 months along with Zinnat, He has been running temperature for two wee...
Hello Adeola, I will advise you to strictly follow your doctor's instructions. Don't self medicate your baby
My baby of 9months is running temperature usually his head and is not up to 37.5 while I checked with thermometer, is there any th...
Are feverish conditions associated with teething?. My 7month baby is having this fever off and on, could she be having teething..?...
Teething is a normal physiological process which may occur with or without fever. It has no special fever.
No pain not swollen and like I said he do stand on both feet very well and only has a fever when we go for the vaccine.
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If there are no pains or swellings then there is no need to worry. But if still worried about the clicking sounds, please see a doctor.
I noticed my baby of 8 months plus poo 4 times yesterday when eating n it's a bit watery, some part will sink into the diaper whil...
This is having frequent loose watery stools. It occurs when the fluid cannot be absorbed from the contents of an individuals bowel or when extra fluid is secreted into the bowel causing watery stool. Usually, it could be a symptom of bowel infection called Gastroenteritis which can be caused by some harmful microorganisms that may result from food poisoning I.e drinking contaminated water or eating contaminated food.
Good day doctors, please last week my baby was having fever ,cough catarrh, we were gvn zinnat and some other drugs, after finishe...
Since it's more than 3 days already. Please, take your baby to the hospital
My almost 9months old baby has been coughing for some days now. She also won’t eat and has a fever.I have taken her to the clinic and she was said to have tonsillitis and was given ceftriaxone injection and phenoxymethylpenicilli...
Dr. Dara Abiodun

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Tonsillitis is bacteria infection of the tonsils. It is caused by bacteria usually present in the mouth or from the nostrils and airway