I noticed my baby of 8 months plus poo 4 times yesterday when eating n it's a bit watery, some part will sink into the diaper while some stay on d sur
There are various micro organisms that can cause this condition eg
.Viruses eg Rotavieus, Norovirus, Enterovirus and Hepatitis.
.Bacteria eg Echeriche coli, Shigella, Salmonell, Clotridum and Cholera.
.Parasite a wg Gairdiasis and Amoebiasis
Other causes include:- Inability to digeat certain food, surgeries of endocrine disease and cancers.
It could be Acute or Chronic Diarrhoea. - Acute Diarrhoea:- this occurs suddenly and usually last a few days to weeks but resolves on its own.
- Chronic Diarrhoea:- onset is not sudden and it usually lasts well over two weeks, this needs urgent medical attention to find the underlying cause and initiate treatment with the dreaded complication of both being Dehydration of varying degrees. Prevention and treatment should commence fast especially in children to avoid fatalities.
This is having frequent loose watery stools. It occurs when the fluid cannot be absorbed from the contents of an individuals bowel or when extra fluid is secreted into the bowel causing watery stool. Usually, it could be a symptom of bowel infection called Gastroenteritis which can be caused by some harmful microorganisms that may result from food poisoning I.e drinking contaminated water or eating contaminated food.
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