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What frequency and quantity of fruits should be given to a 6months old baby?

‚ÄčThe frequency of fruits given in a day will vary depending on the size of your baby and how well the child eats fruits. Also ensure you introduce one fruit at a time to watch out for allergies and ensure seeds are properly removed from those with seeds to avoid choking. You can start with purees first.
What kind of friuts are good for a baby of one year plus?
All fruits can be given, their are no restrictions but you will need to introduce one at a time to watch out for allergy. Also ensure you remove seeds from those with seeds to avoid choking and you can as well pure some if you like.
How best can I manage constipation in my 4 years old, keeping in mind that i feed him mostly on veggies and fruits
Encouraging your child to make simple dietary change, such as eating more fiber-rich fruits and vegetables and drinking more fluids can go a long way toward alleviating constipation. If your child's doctor approves, sometimes constipation in children can also be treated with laxatives.
My 3-years-old baby has been constipated for about a month now. I keep giving fruits to help soften the poop but it will not help...
The child should be seen by the Paediatric Surgeon and a Paediatric gastroenterologist for further evaluation for causes of chronic constipation. And you should also go back for further appointments and follow up with the specialists.
What fruits is best for children?
Banana, apple,watermelon and orange