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Please I want to know if I can give my baby of one month honey and lime water? She's having cough and catarrh.
Babies with cough and cattarh. Exclusive breastfeeding and keeping baby warm. Avoidance of smoke and people with cough and cattarh are what to do. No need for medications. If child should develop breathing difficulties kindly take to see a Paediatrician . DO NOT GIVE HONEY AND LIME WATER PLEASE
Please can a year old baby take lime?
No, do not give lime or lemon. Please give your baby other fruits. Lime is acidic so don't give your baby lime.
Can a breastfeeding mother take lime and water?
Dr Aina Johnson


It is not advisable you take lime. Please note that breastfeeding mums should not diet or take slimming products. You can always wait until you are done breastfeeding.