Please I want to know if I can give my baby of one month honey and lime water? She's having cough and catarrh.
Breastfeeding is enough for a baby that young to cure cough and catarrh as they are viral infections, just leave them to run their course and continue breastfeeding your baby properly. Keep the baby warm always too. See a pediatrician if they persist beyond 2 weeks. Please don’t give honey to a child under one has their bodies are not fully developed to digest the bacteria in honey and it can lead to infant botulism. Lime water on the other hand could be too acidic for your baby’s stomach. The only things a baby under 6 months is allowed to take are breastmilk and age appropriate formulas only. All the best
DO NOT GIVE HONEY to infants below 1 year due to risk of Infant botulism
Babies with cough and cattarh. Exclusive breastfeeding and keeping baby warm. Avoidance of smoke and people with cough and cattarh are what to do. No need for medications. If child should develop breathing difficulties kindly take to see a Paediatrician . DO NOT GIVE HONEY AND LIME WATER PLEASE