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My 8month son choked over his medication and he coughed till he vomited. What can i do to stop the cough?
Just ensure to give medication in small quantity to avoid choking
At what month should I start giving my baby teething medicine n which one should I go for?
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Please do not give any teething mixture/powder to your baby. Teething is a normal physiological stage
My baby's hair is cutting by the day. She is eight months. The back of the hair is the worst(almost bald), initially, I thought it...
Some babies have this as a result of underlying scalp conditions which must be treated...for others, there is really no reason for the hair loss and it will just grow back on its own. You need to be careful not to use any products that will worsen the hair loss. It is better to see your Paediatrician or Dermatologist first