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At what weeks will colic stop in newborn?
Colic has no drug and resolves on its own usually at 3months.
Will taking lipton after delivery and slimming tea affect the new born?
You're not supposed to take any slimming tea as a breastfeeding mum.
Please how long does it take for a new born baby to start seeing?
Babies can see from birth. But they are
shortsighted and can see as far as the
breasts only. They start to recognize you
and smile from 6 weeks.
Is there any implication in breastfeeding a baby while lying down especially a new born baby?
There is nothing wrong in lying down to breastfeed a baby, as long you know how to do it right.
pls my sister inlaw daughter don't use to sleep all night, she is just 41days
Sleep when baby sleeps and be awake when he's awake... Follow his pattern first then he will adapt to yours after a few weeks. That is what using my Mummy's word is called being an "Abiyamo".... Being a mother is synonymous with regular night or if you like baby vigils. Welcome to motherhood
Can warm water be given to a newborn baby since the breast milk is not flowing well
it is wrong to give water to a newborn. She advises that if the mother is not lactating yet, breast milk substitute should be given (i.e formula aged 0 - 6 months).
Also ensure baby is still put to breast frequently to kick start lactation as breast milk is the best food for any baby in the first 6 months of life (no water, agbo, e.t.c)
Why do hospitals keep starving newborn babies with jaundice when they know that most times, their mothers' breast milk do not come...I understand that newborn babies also need to excrete the excess bilirubin in their systems and this cannot be achieved if they ha...
Dr Aina Johnson


However, in the rare cases or reasons when breast milk is not available, we do give either intravenous fluids if temporarily or breast milk substitutes aka formula. We know we can and we do. However we don't want mothers quickly rushing to BMS at every little initial challenges with breastfeeding!
Is it normal for a new born baby to shake while sleeping? Please it is urgent.
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There is the 'normal' shaking in sleep. If you are not sure, please record it on your phone camera and show to a doctor as soon as possible to know if it's the normal type or not.
Please can Dettol soap be used for a newborn?
My doctor told me it's not advisable to use medicated soap for babies. You can get other baby friendly soaps.
Pls doctors, treatment for jaundice in newborn.... Mild jaundice, response pls...thanks
If it was detected while in hospital they were suppose to incubate him. Please go to another hospital or government hospital for proper treatment. Please avoid sef medication.
Is it right for a newborn baby that is not up to 2 weeks to poo up to 3 to 4 times a day, and d poo is yellowish and look Iike egu...
It's a normal phenomenon for babies on exclusive breastfeeding".