Why do hospitals keep starving newborn babies with jaundice when they know that most times, their mothers' breast milk do not come in especially the first four days post-delivery? I understand that newborn babies also need to excrete the excess bilirubin in their systems and this cannot be achieved if they have little or nothing to eat during these critical days. Shouldn't they be placed on baby formulas pending when their mothers' breast milk fully come in?
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

Most mothers who psychologically prepare ahead to breastfeed are usually able to establish lactation within the first 1 hour. Preparation, confidence and relaxation are the keys!
No hospital or Paediatricians in their right sense will ever starve your baby...lol. That will be working contrary to the goals of having healthy babies!
Dr Aina Johnson


However, in the rare cases or reasons when breast milk is not available, we do give either intravenous fluids if temporarily or breast milk substitutes aka formula. We know we can and we do. However we don't want mothers quickly rushing to BMS at every little initial challenges with breastfeeding!
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