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Can a pregnant and nursing mother take cold water?
Yes she can drink cold water if she wants to but in moderation. Please let the pregnant woman drink the cold water if she wants.
The baby is inside the womb
Can a nursing mother of one month take nitrofuration?
Please for your safety and that of your baby, avoid self medications. See your doctor before taking any drug and let your doctor know you are breastfeeding.
My 3 months old baby have rashes in her back areaPlease, I saw this on my baby's back and neck area two days ago. Kindly help me, what can I apply? She's just 3months old. Thank y...
Treatment of rashes can only be determined by a doctor or dermatologist. Kindly see one so your baby can be properly reviewed. In the meantime, you can apply Tribotan for babies, if things don't improve after 1 week. Try see your health professional
Can a nursing mother drink green tea with lemon?
No, not recommended for nursing mothers. See the manufacturer's instructions.
I'd like to know if herbs taken by a nursing mom can affect the child?
It is not advisable for a nursing mum to take
Can a Nursing mother who is still breastfeeding take septrin for cough, hope will not affect the baby?
You can take the drug as long as it has been
prescribed by a doctor and you are not allergic to the drugs. Please do NOT self medicate.
I'm a nursing mother of 5month baby am having cough what can I do to cure because I don't want her to get infected. Thanks
Ma'am, you should seek your Doctor's help for medication and wear a face mask or cover your mouth away from the baby to avoid infecting him.
Can A Breastfeeding Mother Take Lipton Tea?Can a nursing mother take Lipton yellow label tea
In general, you can drink a little cups of tea a day and not have any harmful effects on your newborn. It's recommended not to consume more than 300 mg of caffeine a day if you're breast-feeding. Too much of everything is bad
Can a nursing mum take cold water, does it affect thé baby in Any way?
Cold water has nothing to do with the quality of breast milk and do not affect the baby in any way but medications taken by a breastfeeding mum can be passed on into the breast milk and affect the baby..That is why a breastfeeding mum should never Self medicate and must always tell the doctors she is breastfeeding when she is being given any medications to ensure it is compatible with breastfeeding
I'm a nursing mother of a 3-month baby I want to ask if consuming a lot of soya beans will make baby poo to be hard I actually lic...
How are you feeding your baby? Your 3 months baby should be on exclusive breastfeeding