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Can I add baby milk in nutribom cereals for a 6months baby?
Yes you can add any age appropriate milk with moderation.
My baby refused to take cerelac , nutribom and milk and he's 1 year and 2 months old, please what can you recommend for me to give...
You can give your baby the regular family meal, do ensure it’s balanced diet.
My baby is 9month and 3day..... He has been taking CONPLAN milk with Nutribrom and Pap since he was 4month but a friend (2 diff pe...
Can you describe the poo, texture and color?
My baby of 6 months plus only accepts Nutribom and Nan formula. I tried introducing tom brown, custard, purées and even normal fo...
Offer 3 to 4 healthy food choices (that your child likes) at each meal. Research shows that children will choose a healthy diet when they are offered a selection of different healthy foods.
Mummy in d house, pls wat baby cereals is okay, don't know why my baby always vomit Cerelac, grubz na by force, SMA gold do make h...
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

How Old is your baby?
Good evening doctors and mothers in the house, i did exclusive without water for my baby for six months and I introduced nutribom...
Please, don't force her. Try switching to other products like Aptamil or cerelac
Apart from Nutribom, what other food can I give my baby of 9months.?
Fisogold,Nutri ben
Is Nutribom good for babies?
@abiolakuku, but it makes my baby stool.
Please I introduce nutribom rice cereal to my six month old baby but I notice since have started given him his poop changes to gre...
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