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Is it right to give baby paracetamol before and after
receiving immunization vaccine?
Please give paracetamol after the immunization especially if there's fever.
Is there an immunization for babies at 4 weeks? And is it advisable to give paracetamol or any other analgesic before or after an...
NO, there's no immunization at 4 weeks. Below is the immunization chart

⦁ At birth……BCG, OPV, HBV
⦁ 6 weeks…..Penta, OPV ⦁ 10 weeks…Penta; OPV
⦁ 14 weeks…Penta, OPV
⦁ 9 months…Measles, yellow fever
⦁ Vitamin A recommended every 6 months from age 6 months to 5years
What's the right dose of paracetamol syrup to give my son of 3 years whose weight is 13.7kg?
Paracetamol dose is 15mg x weight of the baby. So if the baby is 4kg that will be 60mg per dose. If you are using paracetamol drops which is 100mg in 1ml that will be 0.6ml, but if you are using the regular paracetamol syrup which is 120mg in 5ml, that will be 2.5ml
Can I give my 2years old daughter folic acid if yes what is the dosage also can I break paracetamol tablet for her to use because...
If your daughter is eating well, there will be no need supplementing with folic acid as she will get it from food rich in folic acid e.g. Vegetables. If you are not sure, you can give folic acid but make sure it is prescribed by your Paediatrician.
When do i administer pcm to my babies, at what temperature check?
Their is a need to measure the temperature with digital thermometer. Anything between 36.5 and 37.5 is normal. If above 37.5, you can give paracetamol every 6 hours. You may also want to take the child to hospital if fever keeps rising or continues despite the paracetamol.
Please can I give my 4 months old baby tylenol for baby infants in place of paracetamol?
Be advised that we strongly condemn self medication here. Only use drugs prescribed by a doctor.
Paracetamol should be given AFTER ma ,not before
Pls do I need to give baby paracetamol immediately after 9months immunization?
Kindly note that administering paracetamol after an immunization shot has to do with reducing fever associated with some vaccines side effects especially the PENTA or DPT but we don't have to take paracetamol for every immunization but then many don't know which is why especially at our health centres their practice of giving paracetamol at all immunizations, not necessary. Observe baby, if she develops fever above 37.5, give paracetamol.
What dosage of paracetamol syrup can I give to my 10 weeks baby before going for immunisation?
Please give paracetamol after immunization if the baby develops temperature, if not no need to administer.
please enlighten me on how to use baby's
weight to calculate the dosage for paracetamol
syrup? My baby weight is 5.4kg
Paracetamol dose is 15mg x weight of the baby.
Is it necessary to give a baby paracetamol whenever the body the body is hot?
The most accurate way is to use a thermometer. The average temperature ranges between 36.5 -37.5degrees. Once their temperature is with this range nothing to worry about. Any temperature above 37.6 may indicate fever Please see a doctor for proper evaluation and treatment. Manage the temperature with tepid sponging and paracetamol.
My one-year-old daughter became feverish two days ago. She lost appetite and weight. She was bitten by mosquitoes a few days to th...
A weak and pale child needs urgent medical attention. Kindly see a doctor preferably a Paediatrician for thorough evaluation and treatment.
Good morning doctor, pls should a baby of 10weeks take paracetamol after immunization? Thanks.
Dr Aina Johnson


Yes it is okay for a baby to take paracetamol to soothe his pain or calm fever after immunisation. The paracetamol should be given immediately AFTER the immunisation especially if s/he develops a fever.... So give one dose first AFTER the vaccination and if no subsequent fever, you can stop.
My baby is 7months and she developed fever since Thursday and I been giving her paracetamol.today, she was her playful self until...
Using a thermometer, if the reading is more than 37.4, then your baby has a fever.
My 15months old has her lower gums swollen. I gave her paracetamol. Will that reduce d pains and the swollen gums. someone said I...
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You need to take your child to the Paediatric Dentist for proper check and treatment. There are many things that can cause swollen or bleeding gums. Either the child's teeth are not properly cleaned or the child has a bacterial or viral infection e.g Herpetic stomatogingivitis, don't mind the grammar. Whatever the case may be he needs to have a proper check and treated accordingly
My 5year old child has a boil on his buttock, I saw it 4 days ago and have to rub it red oil mixed with salt, gave him paracetamol...
Dear mom, red oil and salt are not the medication for boil. Please the drugs you gave were there prescribed?
My baby has been crying since morning after taken a particular immunization. It is making us uncomfortable. He is 2months two week...
Remove his diaper and check his buttocks or where the injection was given if there is swelling. The swollen areas can make them cry a lot of times
My baby just collected her 10th-week immunization and I have given her paracetamol but she has been crying uncontrollably. Please...
You can also apply an ice pack to the injection site. She will be fine.
I'm an exclusive breastfeeding mum my 2month 2weeks old baby. Have been sick for 2days now down with malaria, coartem, Amoxil and...
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Hello ma'am, if the drugs were prescribed by your doctor and he/she is
aware you are breastfeeding then there is nothing wrong with taking the
drugs. Kindly avoid self medications but follow your doctor's
instructions. If you have any doubts or complaints please let the Doctor
know. Kind regards.
I'm weaning my son of a year and 3 month. My breast is full and painful. Being taking paracetamol and I think it's not working wha...
I suspect you aren't latching him well. Always ensure that your nipple is directly into your baby's mouth.