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Is there an app that tells me how long my baby cried throughout the day? Any app? Curious!I am a new mum curious about why my baby cries especially at the oddest times. Is there an app that can help me know the time and...
Yes. I actually started using my Baby Cry tracker app. I got early access through a friend. It's currently invite-only.
It gives me daily reports showing trends of how much my baby cried, and what at the time of the day she cries most of the time, and I also get to see week-to-week comparisons as my baby grows.

You can request invites here bit.ly/BabyCryTracker
My 3 months old baby have rashes in her back areaPlease, I saw this on my baby's back and neck area two days ago. Kindly help me, what can I apply? She's just 3months old. Thank y...
Treatment of rashes can only be determined by a doctor or dermatologist. Kindly see one so your baby can be properly reviewed. In the meantime, you can apply Tribotan for babies, if things don't improve after 1 week. Try see your health professional
Parenting tips ;How can I teach my 2yrs + how to care for his little brother without being harsh on him?I will appreciate all your responses please
Hmm this one hard oh...lol But note that children learn through actions. * always have time for play with both of them..u can use a ball and ask him to pass it to you then u touch the ball on the baby and say" baby will pass to u " ..this will ensure team work. * you can also ask him to participate in cleaning baby when he poop or while bathing baby u ask him to give u towel or even ask him to rub cream on baby leg. * just make sure u are saying thank you when he is doing it... For example u say " loving boy thank u or caring brother thank you