Parenting tips ;How can I teach my 2yrs + how to care for his little brother without being harsh on him?I will appreciate all your responses please
Let him always join in caring for d baby anytime u attending tl ur baby like letitng him do d combing of d baby's hair after bath,allowing him play n talk to d baby,reading and gisting with d baby,etc. God help us,Amen
Hmm this one hard But note that children learn through actions. * always have time for play with both of them..u can use a ball and ask him to pass it to you then u touch the ball on the baby and say" baby will pass to u " ..this will ensure team work. * you can also ask him to participate in cleaning baby when he poop or while bathing baby u ask him to give u towel or even ask him to rub cream on baby leg. * just make sure u are saying thank you when he is doing it... For example u say " loving boy thank u or caring brother thank you