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Can i give my baby of 6month + Ribena to drink?
Dr Aina Johnson


Please, do not give Ribena. it is not advisable to introduce sugary drink to your baby and if you must, it shouldn't be introduced until your baby is a year old.
What age should I introduce drinks like Tea and Ribena to my baby? She is 7 months old.
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You don't need to give them to your baby... If you must, wait until age 1-year minimum
At what month can a baby be introduced to taking juice and soft drinks like Fanta, Ribena, caprison etc?
Before u introduce carbonated drinks/ fruit juice to ur baby, i will advise u do dat after his/her first birthday. U can give ur baby home made fruit juice or fruit puree, u can check d blog on how to make some.
Can I give my boy of 8 months Ribena and which milk should I introduce?
Please note that NO RIBENA before the age of 1 year!
On milk, you should continue breastfeeding while introducing the complementary feeds (apple, carrot, avocado, pear puree etc) and you can use in addition any age-appropriate formula that is for children aged 6 – 12 months!