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Is it true that applying of shea butter(ori) to a baby genital organ makes them sterile?
That is not true, it's pure myth. Their is no medical claims on that.
Shea butter can be applied on the diaper area not the genital organ specifically to prevent diaper rash.
please can I add Visita plus in 1-year child shear butter
please kindly stop the indiscriminate use of Funbact A! It is not a body cream, it is a drug. It is not okay and it's dangerous.
My family have been using Shea butter for the past two years and it has been maintaining our skin. But recently, the whole family...
The shea butter is not responsible for getting darker, as natural products like shea butter are the best.
I use shea butter for my children of 2 &4 they became dark & later change it to familiar , can I continue or stop pls?
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Kindly use regular baby body cream or HYPOALLERGENIC PRODUCTS like Sebamed, Blue seal vaseline, olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil etc.
My 9 years old daughter lips are always dry and cracking and recently it began to bleed what can I do to stop it from recurring......
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

Ensure your baby drinks lot of water and use lip balm or moisturiser to keep the lips moist all the time Some people have dry skin naturally and are prone to such. Keep them well hydrated and use lip moisturiser often.
Which hair cream can I use on my 9 months old baby's hair? I use Shea Butter but noticed her hair is getting scanty... Is hair won...
Try and get coconut oil...Natural products are d best for ur baby's tender scalp.