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What can cause the tummy of a 7 months baby to be make noise as if something is moving inside, then the baby will start pulling he...
It is not unusual for children or adult's stomach to make noise, it depends on the kind of noise. It could just be passage of gas in the stomach. If the noise is not associated with vomiting or any kind of pains, then their is nothing to worry about. But see a paediatrician if the noise is accompanied with any sign of pain or discomfort'.
My baby of 1 month 2 weeks,cries and twist her stomach, in the process of twisting ahe pass out gas through her Anus and still cri...
The baby weight is okay, What you describe might be colic.
Colic is common in babies . It usually starts a few weeks after birth and often improves by age 3 months.
Colic requires no medication, By ages 4 to 5 months, the majority of babies with colic have improved"
But if the pains becomes severe and the baby cries continuously, kindly see a doctor.
My 4 weeks baby cold as fall since then crying very night the stomach disturbing her what can I do and she as catarrh too.
Dr Aina Johnson


What you described is colic. it should resolve on its own without any treatment.
It usually starts a few weeks after birth and often improves by age 3 months. By ages 4 to 5 months, the majority of babies with colic have improved.
You may however give infacol for relief, but note that it does not work for every baby.
But should the pains become so severe, you should see a paediatrician.
My stomach is small and I'm 8months is it normal
Yes pregnancy is different for everyone and so are bump sizes. Some people have bumps that look like they are carrying multiples and its just one, while others have really small bumps. You have absolutely nothing to worry about.
My one-week-old baby has some green lines on his stomach like veins. Can u please educate me about it. Am worried. Thank you
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Veins on the stomach most times are as a result of abdominal distention. Please kindly visit the hospital and let the baby be evaluated by a doctor preferably a paediatrician. Treat as an emergency
Pls treat as urgent, good afternoon Doc. And mummy's in the house. I'm 36 weeks gone and I'm having some sound from my stomach pls...
Go to your hospital pls
What can I do or give my one month old baby that over suck? Some times her stomach is like balloon that they full with water.pleas...
You should be happy. Having too much breast milk isn't a problem. After all, many moms struggle with a low supply of breast milk, so producing extra milk might actually sound like a blessing. However, an excessive amount of breast milk can cause difficulty breastfeeding and problems for both you and your baby
Good afternoon moms, please, my baby boy of one month tummy makes noise all the time. Please, what's the cause?
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

Sorry about your experience. Sometimes, One of the most common ailments for infants moms deals with is baby gas issues. Stomach rumbling! While there are natural gut sounds in any human, if you put your ear to an infant’s stomach and hear a constant bubbling sound, it is a good indicator of gas. Gas in a newborn baby is most often the result of an immature gut. Babies are not born with good bacteria that help digest food, and this causes gas.

This is why Breast milk is extremely important in regards to protecting your little one's digestive tract and gut lining. You can get your doctor to perform and physical checkups and recommend a drug for you.