Good afternoon moms, please, my baby boy of one month tummy makes noise all the time. Please, what's the cause?
@DrDara, Tnx but am on EBF nd he pollutes alot
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

Sorry about your experience. Sometimes, One of the most common ailments for infants moms deals with is baby gas issues. Stomach rumbling! While there are natural gut sounds in any human, if you put your ear to an infant’s stomach and hear a constant bubbling sound, it is a good indicator of gas. Gas in a newborn baby is most often the result of an immature gut. Babies are not born with good bacteria that help digest food, and this causes gas.

This is why Breast milk is extremely important in regards to protecting your little one's digestive tract and gut lining. You can get your doctor to perform and physical checkups and recommend a drug for you.