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Can you please tell me about symptoms of worms in toddlers, I suspect my 3 year old has them
Diarrhoea and lack of appetite can be signs of worms in children.
My daughter is 6 months old, and she usually brings out her tongue since she was 4 month plus. Please what does that mean?
It could be one of the common childhood habits. If you are worried, kindly see a paediatrician for evaluation.
Please is it true that if you always stay indoor with your baby she will not walk early? She is 15 months old and also bottom shuf...
That’s a MYTH, but paediatricians will get worried if by 18 months your baby is not yet walking
Can yoghurt causes cough for a 13 month toddler?
It's important to note that most cough
Can I be informed about some toddler follow up the milk I can use for my baby?
You can use any age-appropriate milk for your child
Good day, pls how do u treat boils on a toddlers face ?
Make a compress. To help the boil open up and drain, try applying a warm compress.
Practice good hygiene to stop the boil spreading. Boils can spread very easily. Don't squeeze the boil. Keep an eye on the boil. Give pain relief if necessary. See your doctor if your toddlers are having some pain
Is Tiger nut milk drink good for toddlers?
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

It’s good as long as that's not the only milk the children are taking. Such babies should also be on breast milk in addition to any of these milk if the baby is less than 1 year
Baby fever ;Good evening please I need an urgent reply my 16 months toddler is having high fever for the past two days I went to p...
You can't be sure it's Malaria. Why not go do a test? I wish you baby quick recovery
Controlling my toddler to obey: What possible way can I make my ward to do as I say apart from denying him of his favourite activi...
You can threaten with his or her worst fears