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My child is complaining of burning sensation on urination. Which antibiotics is the best?
We do not prescribe drugs online. Your child may be having Urinary Tract Infection. Take to the hospital for evaluation and management.
I have a six months old baby and she urinate too often almost after every ten to fifteen minutes, should I be worried?
It may be an infection. Kindly see a doctor for proper evaluation including urine laboratory tests for appropriate treatment.
What should I do when I notice that my 3 months old baby cries whenever he wants to urinate?
That is a serious complaint, he may have urinary tract infection. Please take him to hospital urgently. They will do urine test and placed him on the right antibiotics as may be necessary.
How many times a baby who is on EBF is suppose to urinate a day? (24hr)
My urinate only 2-3 times a day. He is 2months 1week ol...
Please what is the cause of a 16weeks old baby not urinating as much as he's supposed to. He was down with cough and catarrh and c...
IT IS NOT OKAY IF URINE OUTPUT IS REDUCED. PLS SEE A PAEDIATRICIAN. One may need to measure the exact amount of urine output. Hope he is taking enough breastmilk as well?
My 4yr old baby now urinates a lot. She can urinate 3 times within an hour. Is it normal
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It is not normal for a child to pass urine 4 or 5 times in one hour.
If the child cries or always feel pain while passing urine frequently in addition it is most likely urinary tract infection. Kindly see a doctor for proper evaluation including laboratory tests and treatment.
My a year & 2month baby is trying 2 excrete for a week now but unable 2 do it. Help a mum. Have given her orange & watermelon
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Hello Mom, Your baby is possibly constipated. Encouraging your child to make simple dietary changes — such as eating more fiber-rich fruits and vegetables and drinking more fluids — can go a long way toward alleviating constipation. If your child's doctor approves, sometimes constipation in children can also be treated with laxatives.
what can cause a child of 7yrs to urinate frequently about 10times in a day pls help
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It is natural for babies to pee more if they take lots of fluids be it water or juice..
However to be on the safe side and rule out disease conditions that could make children pee a lot and often like diabetes or Urinary tract infection, I will advise you to see a doctor for proper evaluation including urine laboratory tests.
It's urgent am scared what could be wrong with my baby of one year and one mouth yesterday his diaper dry as if he did not urinate...
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Give him water in a non-threatening way.... Just make the water available in lovely sipy cups and also model by drinking water randomly through the day... Not necessarily immediately after the meals"
My son of a year and eight months has to stop urinating at night. Throughout the night my boy will not wet his diaper. I have stop...
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There is absolutely nothing wrong with the baby sleeping through the night without passing urine.... Thats one of the criteria for toilet training.... Ability to control the bladder
My 3 months old like pushing his penis inside if you push it out he will take it back inside though he urinates well. Please, is i...
Anyway what I think is happening here is what we call Buried penis... that's the prepubic fat hides part of the penis.
My 3 years old baby girl can't hold urine for longwhat I mean is that before she says"I WANT TO WEE WEE" she has already peed on herself and it just started not quite long, My doct...
Most likely she has Urinary tract infection. Kindly take her to see a doctor for proper evaluation including urine lab tests to confirm the infection and appropriate antibiotics treatments..
My 4months baby always screams anytime she wants to urinate. what is the cause of this?
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The most common cause is Urinary tract infection, please kindly take your baby to the hospital for proper monitoring and evaluation
What makes a one-year-old to push each time he urinates?
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It is not normal for a child to push to pass urine. Kindly take the child to the hospital for proper evaluation and diagnosis.
I notice yesterday when we came back from the hospital that my baby of 1yr and 6month urinate frequent, discovered it because he...
Once you notice a change in urine frequency of a child, the best thing to do is to see a paediatrician first to rule out urinary tract infection asap.