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I noticed that my daughter who is now 13 months old is still weighing the same weight when she was 12 months old. Please is it nor...
Your daughter is fine. A 1year old should weigh averagely 10kg. Just ensure you feed her well and balanced too.i.e making sure her food contains all the classes of food.
My three years and nine months old baby is weighting 22kg pls I want to know if his weight is too much or okay, he is not the eati...
Your child is overweight. Increase more play activities and take out junk foods and artificial juices. Do give more fruits and vegetables.
My baby is 7 months old and I’m trying to lose some belly fat and weight, is it advisable to take ginger cucumber and lemon drin...
Yes, it's not advisable to take such while breastfeeding as it can make baby fussy.

But you may want to wean the child off the breasts first before the use.
I have a girl that clocked 1 year yesterday whose birth weight was 4.4kg
Now she is 10kg pls is the weight ok?
Though she h...
Your baby's weight is still within range.
My baby birth weight was 3.1kg and her present weight is 5kg she's 3 months and he's on Ebf I want to know if her weight is okay c...
Your babies weight is ok as it falls within the 80-120% range expected weight increase.
Babies are expected to add monthly 1kg on average for term babies and 600g for preterm babies. Remember we are talking AVERAGELY.......Some babies do gain a little more; others a little less......So You don't have to worry as long as your baby's weight falls into the 80% - 120% range of the average weight I mention; it is OKAY!!!
Can hyperactivity in babies cause them not to have excess weight?
My girl is 7 months, birth weight 2.7 now weighs 7.4. She ea...
There is a level of activity that is normal for a child.

However if you as a mother based on your intuition feel this is way above the normal activities, please see a Paediatrician preferably a Developmental Paediatrician.

Kindly click on the link below to read the response to a similar concern.
My 10 months son eats everything except porridge but for the past four months he's been weighing the same.The nurses are complaini...
Your baby's weight is okay as it is still within 80% - 120% of ideal weight range but it is important to make sure your baby's weight do not remain static or same or even worse drop below what it was before, those are very bad signs.
Kindly note that your baby is suppose to double his birth weight by 6 months
My baby's weight is 11.2 kg, she's 1 year and 2 months old. Is it okay or should I be worried?
Your baby's weight is on track. Average weight for a 1 year old is 10 Kg ( /- 20%). At one year and 2 months she is doing well at 11.2 kg.
I want to know if my baby's weight is okay. Birth weight is 3.4kg and 11 weeks 5.3kg.
Yes, the weight is okay. Baby's weight is supposed to double the birth weight by 6 months on the average, continue breastfeeding your child on demand. Keep up the good work!!
I noticed my son is loosing weight, he eats but not always. He prefers cerelac most times, is there any multivitamin i can use to...
You also need patience as you introduce meals
My one month old baby is on exclusive breastfeeding, he sucks a lot. As long as he is with me, he wants to keep sucking every 10mi...
You should calm down. Their is a
period when baby just want to suck
not because of hunger but just to be
close to you. Just keep at it. Ensure
your baby latches well when
My daughter of 5 months is rejecting breastfeeding and she always poo more than before, now she is losing weight because she is on...
Your baby is expected to be exclusively breastfed for 6 months before you introduce other food. So it is not appropriate to give any food now but only breastmilk. Kindly take your baby to see a doctor preferably a paediatrician. Refusal to suck is one of the symptoms of ill health in infants. Treat as urgent, please.
What could be wrong with a 4-year old boy who is not sick, he eats well but losing weight.
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Ma'am, there is a reason your child is losing weight. He on the average should weigh 16kg. Please take him to the hospital for evaluation. Treat as important
My baby of 11 months is weighing 5.8 kg, pls should I be worried. Thanks
Your baby's weight is very okay.
My 6-year-old daughter is weighing 35kg. How will I help her to loose weight to avoid future diseases?
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Losing weight can be quite challenging as it sometimes require lifestyle changes. First ensured she is examined by a paediatrician. Also ensure she eats more fruits and vegetables and no junks or fast foods.
My son of 6 year+ weighs 31 kg and his younger brother of 5years weighs 22kg. Is their weight appropriate. Both birth weights were...
Hello ma'am, Yes their weight is Ok.
A baby of 4 months, usually vomit food after a meal and it is getting too much, she doesn't have weight
For such babies, you need to keep them upright for up to 30 minutes or more after each feed so it stays down. But if it doesn't work please see your paediatrician for further management at that point.
Pls experience mummy and doctor in the house my 8month plus baby boy weight is 7kg, it is normal?
I'm about 1.87 tall and slim I want to go a little fatter. How do I go about it?
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

You have to watch what you eat. There are many options to include in your diet and some tips to follow:

Include full cream milk or dairy products instead of toned one.
Don't drink water before eating your meal as you won't be able to consume more.
Have banana with milk in the morning.
Include potato, sweet potato,beet root in your daily diet as they are high in starch .
If you eat meat, then consume it 2 times a week. You can eat boiled egg also.
Eat nuts like almond and groundnut.
Eat cakes, chocolates .
Eat whole grains.
My 6 years old daughter weight 30kg and is too much for her. What can I use for to help her reduce her weight ?
Set realistic goals for your child. Because children are still growing, it may be better to help them maintain rather than lose weight, Encourage exercise, Choose healthy and nutritious foods, Change your family's eating habits, Follow-up with your paediatrician and be very Be very supportive. You are all she's got