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Hello mum's and doctors in the house, pls I need your help.. am a FTM , I ran into labour two weeks ago,but when I was checked by d doc, he said my cervix is not dilating stayed in the hospital for two days and I was discharged. Now am thinking of inducing labour naturally, then a tot of CASTOR OIL came to my mind!!! Pls is this going to help open the cervix? If so, au soon ? The next option the gynecologist is offering me is CS if baby doesn't come before 40th week, I believe I can do this myself (God willing, I will). Pls help me
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Aminat Odunola Ojeniyi
@sweetmum, tnx sis
Pls my dear'dnt try nd take castor oil pls
Aminat Odunola Ojeniyi
@chioma, tnx sis
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