Hello doctors in the house
I do have recurrent miscarriages, I change hospital 2016, they did a couple of tests, antibody antiphospholid and others....the doctor started administering vasoprin once daily I got pregnant and the vasoprin was discontinued at 36weeks. They never discussed the essence of the vasoprin. I have lost 3pregnancy after that . I am pregnant again my new hospital asked for my history I told them the whole thing and I was told vasoprin is what I am supposed to start way before getting pregnant. The scan is showing I am bleeding inside again .so they prescribed CYCLOGEST twice daily for first two weeks and once daily for the next 2weeks, also the daily vasoprin and folic acid. I am a little bit scared, I do not want anymore miscarriage.
cyclogest will stop you from bleeding and it will support the pregnancy so you make sure you rest well .You will carry this pregnancy to term by God grace.