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Gud evening mums & docs in d ous, My baby had cough 2 weeks ago and a nurse frnd told me to stop bathing her at nite, d cough has gone and I already resume nite bath cos I'm really nt comfortable with bathing her only once in a day. Pls which is d best practice? Bathing once or twice in a day?(baby is 7mnths+)
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Hapi Sundays to mummy's in d ous, pls my 6mnths+ has been coughing and vomiting since yesterday, I'm a bit confused cos I've nt experienced this b4. I WS told in church 2day DAT its teething. Can teething truly be d reason behind this?
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Hello mums in d ous, pls ooo help a worried mum, condom got torn yesterday when hubby WS doing d tin and baby is just 4 months+ . I'm really scared right now cos period already started early did mnth(8th) pls wot can I use? Very urgent plllsssssssss
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Hapi Sunday to all mums in d ous. My baby of almost 5 months poos once in three or four days which is very normal cos she's on EBF but today her poo is kind of thick/hard and its not much. Pls is this normal?
Morning to sweet mums in d ous, my 4 months plus baby's stomach still makes sound like worms running around(not always) this makes her cry at times. Can a baby of her age be dewormed? If yes, how? Sumone said it could be jedijedi, how try is this? Pls enlighten me
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Gud pm mums & docs, my 16 weeks old baby's poo comes out in greenish & yellowish colours mixed together, it also foams while coming out of her anus. Pls wot could be responsible for this & how can it stopped?
Gud morning mums & docs in d ous, my 15 weeks baby girl does nt have hair especially at d front, d little she has seems to be pulling while combing. Pls wot can be done to boost her hair growth?
Gud afternoon mums and docs in d ous, pls which sleeping position is perfect for babies and why? Is it sleeping wit either sides or laying with stomach facing down?
Gud morning docs & mums in d ous, my baby is 2 months & I feel she sucks too much though she's on EBF, Some said its OK while some said I should time her feeding. Pls which one is right?
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