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Please mums and docs in the house am almost 5months but I think I have only taken drugs 3 or 4 times( this pregnancy the site of red and black drugs gives mi headache) and I have complained in my hospital but they said I must use their drugs what can I do? Was thinking of buying pregnant care since is just one drug..
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Omolbaby GodsOwn
It is in this part of d world that we MUST take drugs during pregnancy . Basically,if one eats d right type of fud proportionally n stays healthy, that's all d baby needs. But d weather,stress n d kind of hazardous work most of us do make it paramount for us to use routine drugs. I used Obron six throughout my pregs n my boys are doing just fine by God's grace. Go for anyone ur heart chooses dear. It is well
Tanx dearest mothers for ur concerns... I went to buy pregnant care today and say the one that is liquid who has used it before please want to know if is bitter or am good to know. Thanks one love
Onuorah Loveth Ella
@juliet even d pregncare and d routine drugs they gave me am not taking them cos it makes me uncomfortable n sick so I decided to go to a midwife that gives drugs D drug is like water no taste and people who has been going dia has testified abut d drug vry nice I thank God for my self cos I wouldn't have known what to do
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