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Hello moms ad docs in d house pls can I introduce pap to my baby she is month ad one week old ad what milk can I use with it. Not expensive ooo pls
Pls mom ad docs in d house, since I gave birth I have been having series of boils in my left eye ad in my nose what could it be
Mom's Health
Dear mom's ad doc's in life House, pls my baby poo immediately after eating, wat could be wrong
Baby Care
Gud morning mom ad doc in d house, pls I want to ask wem baby should start teething, ad also wen my baby sleep she use to shock from her sleep, pls help
Baby Care
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I gave birth since yesterday but d breast milk not yet come out ,pls what should I do
Breast Feeding
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Dear mums ad docs in d house help me to welcome my little princess Dis morning
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Gud pm moms ad docs in d house, I did scan ad it showing July 21 as delivery date but my doc said am 36 weeks gone. Pls explain Dis to me don't understand
Pls mum ad docs in d house, my doc complain about my urine DAT is bad, pls what should I do
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Hello mums ad docs in d house, am new here, pls am 6 months pregnant, ad I have swallow feet ad its heaving me .pls what should I do