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Hi mums and docs.,Compliments of the season to you. This is my first time posting here apart from commenting. I have a concern my L.O will be 9months in a week, he has developed 2 bottom and top incisor. However he has refused to eat like before and he's losing weight. He isn't showing interest in cereals and Formula, but he is showing more interest in breast milk and a little interest in what adults eat. I'm abit concerned, is anyone else experiencing this? And what can I do to make sure his appetite returns?
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Ayodeji Olayinka Adeyoriju
I av experienced this, try and give liquid iron its high in folic acid, it will boost his appetite, give him fruits too in puree form e.g watermelon, avocado, soft pawpaw, banana. Give egg yolks, sweet potatoes too and give adult meals more. That's what he wants. Dont bother buying cereals. Just give him milk daily if he tolerates it.
@ayodeji , thanks for sharing your experience and advice. Happy New Year.
Ayodeji Olayinka Adeyoriju
@temidahsilver, u are welcome, same to u dear.
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