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Good mrni mum's nd docs pls help a ftm out I gave birth 3wks ago nd since then I have been looking for breast milk have done so mch like taking palm wine,drinking bitter leave,drinking pap nd tea yet the breast doesn't get full nd my baby only sucks when the breast is hard nd when it's not hard she doesn't want to put her mouth on it so I got nan1 to be given her along side she rejected the bottle so I spoon feed nd even that spoon feeding is with fight pls mum's what will i do nd am a student will resume by November.
Breast Feeding
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Oluwafemi Setemi
Pls check your dm ma
Dr Weyinmi Orighoye
Express the quantity you can and feed your baby. Try a formula that your baby would like. Don't bottle feed, spoon feed her. Keep expressing breastmilk.
Continue with the pap 3 to 5 times daily it will come
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