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Pls mummies n doctors in d house, my baby has been pooing every day like four or five times in a day bt small, it's green, wt traces of mucus, watery n always force it out wt pressure, I do pity her whenever she want to poo, I also discovered dat white substance like mucus do come out frm her eyes, pls what is d cause of all these n wat can I do to relieve her, pls urgent contributions. God bless u
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Hello mummies and doctors in d house, I pray we will never get tired of ourselves, pls my baby's hair is long to d extent that we never I comb d hair she will start crying, I av no choice Dan to be using the koko fancy rubber to do d hair, bt I discovered dat she started having boil at d back of her head wt white substance inside it, it started coming out whenever I press it n it's really given me concern becos she is jst five months old n I don't want to cut d hair, she had her hair cut before d naming ceremony cos we are Muslim, bt I can't afford to cut dis one becos it's long, pls wat do u think I can use to stop dis boil, it's only at d back of d head, n also d kind of soap or shampoo i can use to wash her head. PLS advise me on wat to do. I am counting on u
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Hi doc n beautiful mummies in d house, my baby is four mouth plus nw n she has been polluting wt conc smell wen she was like two months up till nw, whenever she pollute,u won't believe is not frm an adult, she do toilet once in a while bt not everyday. PLS wat is the cause?d smell is too powerful for her age, mummies n doctors, I awaits ur response
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Pls mummies n doctors in d house, is withdrawal method okay for protection, please advise me cos I am a nursing mother, I don't want to take any pill cos I am breastfeeding, we always have argument on condom. PLS advise n I am ready to take it
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Hello to mothers in d house, I am new here, my baby is four months plus, I started my period during d month of February, bt I didn't c d period in dis month March, is it normal, pls enlight me
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