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Moms and Docs in the house please help mi out..... My 10 months old baby is not opening her mouth for any food except breast and water. I force feed her but still she under weight.... Any appetite syrup please? I have seek for medical assistance in my hospital but I need more advice pls. She is still less dan 7kg with 4 teeths
Baby Care
Moms and Docs in the house good evening. Pls I need your help. My fingers are not functioning properly since I took drip wen i was in labour. Please any idea on what to take. I hardlydo things with my hands now
Zainab Boluwatife Anjolaoluwa Olawande is 3 months old yesterday
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Moms and Docs in d house.. I always had a painful sex... Am always afraid wen my hubby wanted me. And it's getting worse every day pls help me out..... And immediately I tried to wash my private part after sex it is hell fire... Pls help to save my marriage. I Neva had any urge for sex pls help..
Moms and Docs in house... Pls any assistance? Since I delivered about 6weeks ago I have been having pain inside my anus like homoroid but it isn't. To mess is difficult and to poo is more difficult even wen d poo is not strong. Pls any experience mom wit similar case?
Mom's Health
Moms and Docs in d house.... Please my 5 weeks old baby bring breast out of her nose whenever she feeds. Pls wat can I do?
Breast Feeding