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Hello Docs and moms plz is this folic acid coz I'm yet to see the ones this big. My hubby got it last night and afraid to swallow any. I'm used to the tiny ones. Thanks
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@Weyinmi23253, I know that is the streamlined way of doctors. Am a pharmacist and I won't discriminate with brands cause if those known brand wasn't patronised too, how will they thrive and became known now. Just my 2cents opinion.
Dr Weyinmi Orighoye
@dlesh, I am not discriminating against brands. I don't even do brands because I am not good at remembering brand names. I have only known folic acid tablets to be tiny in nature and that's what I meant by, "I'd stick with the brand I know." I am not talking about the companies. Don't get it wrong my dear pharmacist.
Tricia Arthur
I was given this type at a point during my antenatal when I had always been given the tiny ones. I asked d pharmacist and she said its a different brand. So no worries. I prefer the tiny ones though...its easy to swallow,lol!
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