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Good evening mums and Docs in the house, I commend your rapid response that help people out God will bless you all. Please, I want to no if there is a malaria medicine that i can take and it will not affect my 2 months old baby cos am a breast feeding mother
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Good morning mums and docs in the house, please I need your help urgently, my baby of a month plus find it difficult to fart and poo cos every time she wants to poo or fart she will be struggling before she will fart or poo. Another issue I have is that my baby have not poo for 3days now and she has been restless since two days now. I complained at the health Center I was told that it is normal, please how true is this.
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Good morning wonderful mums and doctors in the house! Pls ma, I want to ask if it's normal for babies to struggle before he or she will fart or pupu because this happens to my baby of a month old and I do exclusive for her. Thanks.
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Good morning Doctors and Mummies in the house, please I need your help. I live in Lagos and I used one of the General hospital to deliver my baby, because my dad is very sick my mum could not come to take care of me. So I had to go and stay with her in my father's house in Ogun state, where I have some little issue is going for my Post Natal Care PNC. I don't no how am going to carry my baby from Ogun to Lagos State, but some people told me to go to a nearby health Center in Ogun state and do my PNC. But I don't no if its possible. Can any one in the house confirm how true it is for me to do my PNC in Ogun instead of in LAGOS.
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Good afternoon mums and docs in the house pls need your help I changed my two weeks old baby's diaper to napkin and discovered that she has developed rashes on her bombom, which is fast spreading towards her private part. Pls, how do I stop it from spreading further. Thanks.
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Good day doctors and mum in the house, please, I need to know if it is wrong to take milk in ones third trimester. Thank you.
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