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Gudday mummies and Drs in house, pls I need ur urgent response am 32weeks 1 day pregnant and am having serious muscle pull, and it at times wakes me up in the middle of the nite,I have complained to my Dr but he seems not take it seriously, pls what should I do?
U might be needing iron in ur supplements I think; cos that's part of the symptoms.....really don't know y Dr isn't taking it serious though but is best known to him.
Omo Nosa
I do feel pains in my hips/thighs/bumbum. I don't know if that's what you refer to as muscle pull. It's so painful that I can't even lift my leg when the pain arrive. I was only given paracetamol though I didn't take it cos the pain comes when am in bed at night/early hours of the morning.
U can see the doctor again if its sever and explain the severity, but I had a similar issue while pregnant and doctor was giving me calcium tablet
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