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Poor latching to a baby is like bad sex position to a woman, it is not comfortable and one gradually hates the process. When breastfeeding, 1) you baby's chin should be touching your breast and his nose should be clear 2) the bottom lip should be curled back 3) you should be able to see more areola ( the dark par of the nipple) above your baby's top lip. Actually, the more your baby suckle you, the more it stimulates breast to let down more milk. So if baby does not suckle well, less milk is let down.
Breast Feeding
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Dr Catherine Makwe
@RareDiamondz, you are welcome dear
Dr Catherine Makwe
@Opusunju18445, how old is your baby? The older the baby the lesser the pre-feeding pain.
Opusunju Grace
My baby is just 5weeks today
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