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ATTENTION HOUSE. ★If you've had 1 CS, you will be allowed "trial of Labour" if the reason why you had the previous CS is not present in this pregnancy. However, if your labour should fail to progress, CS will done.★If you've had 2 CS, the subsequent deliveries will be by CS.NOTE: Therefore if you've had one CS done before, don't make the mistake of booking your pregnancy in centres where a Caesarean Section cannot be done.REASON: If labour is not progressing Normally, a CS must be done within 30 minutes because the risk that you might rupture your womb become high this moment. Many lives have been lost in this way (both the mother's and the baby). #sob.
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Favor Emmanuel
Good day Dr Fabusuyi, pls sir I need u to add me up. Ur advice encourage me alot plsss I have a serious problem with my pregnancy. Pls do not ignore me. 08064719981
Dr Fabusuyi G.I
@Favor17171, check your inbox.
Shirley Teddy Osagie
Pls doc, can I have a private chat with u pls
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