I am 37yrs and I want to conceive. I have been trying since 3yrs ago, pls I need advice.I got pregnant in 2016 but had miscarriage. I have gone for te
Sweetheart, you won't lose your marriage. Also you can download ladytimer app, it will help you monitor when you are fertile, ovulating and all that so you know when to time sex properly. God will do it, just be at rest. Pele
Only God can do it, b prayerful, am now a living testimony, wen all test is OK ,u r fine ma, just make sure u don't miss ur ovulation period.
My dear is only God. Pls just relax ur mind and be prayerful. God will do it for you in Jesus name. Amen. Our God is miraculous and wonderful Father who does things according to His time. Don't allow it bother you. He will surely do it for you BC He did it for me. This is assurance of faith. I will be praying for you.