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Miscarriage and solutionHave been trying to conceive and whenever I do, I usually miscarry it pls what can I do?
Dr Fabusuyi G.I

Medical Doctor at Ekiti Teaching Hospital

Miscarriage- When you lose your pregnancy before 20weeks. Causes- 1. Mother's age > 35years 2. Uncontrolled DIABETES 3. Very High blood pressure 4. Infections 5. Some drugs and Alcohol 6. Obesity And so on. Solution- 1. See the gynaecologist to established the cause and discuss how to further prevent it. 2. Early booking.
Missed abortion, Ovarian cyst and irregular periodPlease Doctors around, I need your help sir/ma. I had a missed abortion (miscarriage] this year April and the baby came out throu...
Good morning Drs. Have been feeling pain at the lower part of my abdomen, mostly the right side and the two sides of my rib, I also urinate frequently. And get irritated by smell of some food like fish and smell of fuel(petrol) which makes me want to throw up. And aIso head ache.I saw my period last on 7th of this month. What can this be? Though I have plan of going to the hospital next week If it persist. Thanks
What are the Symptoms of Miscarriage? I need urgent help!
According to the American Pregnancy Association, these are the signs and symptoms of miscarriage to look out for:Bleeding that is brown or bright red, with or without cramps
Clots of tissue passing from the vagina, Mild to severe back pain that's worse than normal menstrual cramps, Weight loss, White-pink mucus, Very painful contractions every five to 20 minutes, A sudden decrease in the signs of pregnancy, such as breast tenderness or morning sickness. Contact your doctor if you notice any of these symptoms. Miscarriage is the most common cause of early bleeding in pregnancy
Recurrent miscarriageI have been having recurrent miscarriages for more than 4 times. Please what are the likely causes?
Meet a genealogist. There's an injection to stop miscarriage
I am 37yrs and I want to conceive. I have been trying since 3yrs ago, pls I need advice.I got pregnant in 2016 but had miscarriage...
My dear is only God. Pls just relax ur mind and be prayerful. God will do it for you in Jesus name. Amen. Our God is miraculous and wonderful Father who does things according to His time. Don't allow it bother you. He will surely do it for you BC He did it for me. This is assurance of faith. I will be praying for you.
Good day doctor in the house, this September will clock one year I carry out evacuation when I have miscarriage since late year to...
U might to see a fertility specialist with ur hubby. All d best!
Good day ALL, pls I'm TTC. I want to conceive kindly help me with tips.. Hubby and i are both okay ... I had miscarriage twice no...
Relax! The good thing is you've been pregnant before. I will suggest you speak with ur doctor so d cause of d miscarriages you had can identified and subsequently prevented. While trying, take folic acid tab to help prepare your uterus and also prevent neural tube defects in babies. Wish u all d best!