Missed abortion, Ovarian cyst and irregular period Please Doctors around, I need your help sir/ma. I had a missed abortion (miscarriage] this year April and the baby came out through normal delivery. I started my menstrual period back on 31 of may. But I do feel pain in my right lower stomach and I went to do scan where they discovered that I have ovarian cyst. Since then my period is irregular and i haven't conceive... my menstrual cycles are:
May-June 26days
June-July 27days
July-August 28days
I suppose to see my next now period on 17 but I haven't and today makes it 29 days and I haven't see my period....
Also please I need a good Gynecologist hospital.
Good morning Drs. Have been feeling pain at the lower part of my abdomen, mostly the right side and the two sides of my rib, I also urinate frequently. And get irritated by smell of some food like fish and smell of fuel(petrol) which makes me want to throw up. And aIso head ache.I saw my period last on 7th of this month. What can this be? Though I have plan of going to the hospital next week If it persist. Thanks