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Missed abortion, Ovarian cyst and irregular periodPlease Doctors around, I need your help sir/ma. I had a missed abortion (miscarriage] this year April and the baby came out throu...
Good morning Drs. Have been feeling pain at the lower part of my abdomen, mostly the right side and the two sides of my rib, I also urinate frequently. And get irritated by smell of some food like fish and smell of fuel(petrol) which makes me want to throw up. And aIso head ache.I saw my period last on 7th of this month. What can this be? Though I have plan of going to the hospital next week If it persist. Thanks
How long does it takes for a woman that just put to bed to start seeing her monthly flow?
It depends, could take up 6 months, it could be lesser or more. But usually 6 months if u breastfeed ur baby exclusively.
I'm a confused about my cycle don't know if it is regular.I usually have 33 days cycle saw my August period on 14 and September pe...
Have you tried to see a fertility specialist with ur spouse?? If uve been trying for 2 years, tracking ur period/ovulation might not be enough. Meanwhile, between August and Oct, its been quite regular.
Is 24 days menstrual cycle length normal or not? Because I learnt that its from 26 days to 35days that's normal.
A normal menstrual cycle length for an adult who is not using any form of hormonal contraceptive or IUD usually is between 24 to 38 days.