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Good pm mum n doctors in the house, please my baby of 8months old can't poo, the poo is so strong that he will be crying n trying to push. don't know what to do anymore, it's going to a month now. he only eat custard n sma gold . please what should I do. thanks
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Good morning doc n mummy's in the house, is custard good for a baby. ? coz that's the only food my child of 7 months eat n some people said it's not good that it makes them ve strong bones.
Good pm doc n mummy's in the house, please what cream can I use for my months old baby, ve been using shea butter but hrs getting dark by the day, he's fair in complexion. thanks
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Good morning mummy n doc in the house, pls can I use deodorant or perfume on my 6months old baby. ?
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pls mom and doctors in the house , can I also eat coconut? don't know if it will affect my baby .thanks
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Good evening mom's and doctors in the house, pls my baby is running temperature for the past 3days now. expecially morning and night, and I normally gives him paracetamol but yet no improvement. it's 2months and 1week old. pls help. thanks
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Good morning mum n doctors in the house, in 3days time my baby will be 2months old , pls when can I start using baby bouncer for him? don't know if he's too young to sit on it for now.
Good pm mum and doc in the house, my 6 weeks old baby has refuse to suck since 2days after immunisation and my left breast is bigger than the right. don't know what to do am worried. He also cry when am about to breast feed him. waiting to hear from you great mum in the house.
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Good day mummy's and doc in the house, am a new mom of 5 weeks n 4days ,and this is my 1st child, was having cut and am still feeling this sharp pain when I sit thou am still doing sit bath. and I also want to know when should I start having sex coz my husband is asking for it and I told him to wait till 3months time. please I need advice. tnx
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Good day mummy's in the house, am a new mom and am new here . please is it advice able to take mineral or bread while breastfeeding. ? coz my 1month n 2weeks son find it difficult to poo.
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