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Good afternoon mummies nd docs in d house. Pls i need urgent answers cus am confused right now. My period flows 3 days a month (i.e. day 1 - day 2 heavy flow while day 3 is jst a drop). It has been like dt since this year. Last month it came on 17 - 19 but dis month it came on 17 with little flow and stopped same day. Pls am i short of blood? Or will i stop menstruating? Did CS on 27th of October last year although i lost d baby. Hope dts not d cause? pls mummies urgent answers pls
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Pls help me out
Mummies nd Docs in d house pls help me out cus am scared. Saw my period 16th of July nd my fertility period due to my calculation was 27th to 1st August. Last week Friday i vomited water that is very bitter nd two days ago at night, i saw very light blood nd it stopped before yesterday morning nd frm dt morning till yesterday evening i saw brownish discharge nd i decided to take a urine test dis morning but turned out negative. Pls house hv anyone being thru this before. I need answers pls. Wht is happening to me?
Gud evening Drs nd Mums in d house pls i want to understand d word "placenta lying low" "OS Closed" all d scan i did till d end was showing dis thing but i don't understand it nd my Dr didn't explain to me
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Hello lovely mums in d house pls i sincerely need ur advice. I had a stillborn via c section on 27th October 2016 and d baby was my first, d Doctor told me to wait six months or a year. I desperately need another baby nd i don't want to undergo any c section again. Pls wht will happen to me if i try getting pregnant at six months?
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