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Goodpm mothers. Please I will like to know the name of a good blender that is durable n less expensive to buy.please respond ASAP.
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Hello mothers please does anyone knows a good fertility doctor who ure sure has a lot of success stories that is located in kubwa -Abuja should please help me with such contact n phone number. Tnx in anticipation.
Chijane Aneke,Shukurat Salau,Olayemi Mujidat, I sent you guys chats n am yet to get response from you.please your response could make a positive difference.still awaiting ur response
Hi mothers please has any one conceived using either vitex or baby asprin medicine?
Hi mothers please who has gotten pregnant successfully by timed intercourse using injectables like HCG shoot?.please would like to no the drugs used n extra tin I can do to make d cycle successful cos I did one last month n it failed. Please help me Asap.
Please mothers will like to no.how long did it take u after a still birth to conceive again.Did u actively start trying immediately?And did have a healthy pregnancy n birth afterwards..being TTC for smtime b4 I got pregnant n den lost d baby at 23 wks.I believe God for another miracle BT I swear itz nt being easy.cant stopping thinking n can't wait to finally b a mother.Ur advice n answers will b greatly appreciated.
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Please mothers how long did it take to have your first period after a still birth. Lost my baby @23 weeks n want to actively start trying but don't no wen AF will return.Any ideas plz?
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