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Good morning house. Please what natural remedy can i use to treat my cough. The cough is really disturbing me. Please help a breast feeding mum
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Good morning house. My 8months + baby now rejects pap and cerelac. Since when he was 6months + he has been rejecting formula, ever since then i add d formula to his pap and cerelac. Now that he rejects both please how do i go about it. He now accept only indomie and egg
Good day mothers in the house. Please is it a must to give babies teething drugs. My prince is 6months + and he already have a tooth without any weakness. Please i want to know if its necessary to give teething drugs. Thanks
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I just introduced pap for my 5months+2wks baby. Please how many scoops of milk am i suppose to add
Good morning everyone in the house, please help a first time mum oooo. My 4months baby poo have mucus, have been to the hospital and they prescribed drugs for us. He is thru with the drugs but still no changes. Nb: I introduce formula 12 weeks. Thanks for your urgent response
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Please mothers in the house, what is the difference between Sma gold and pro
Good evening everyone in the house. I just introduced formula to my 3 months baby bcos i will be resuming next week. But my baby hardly take 60mls at each feed. Please what can i do to make him take more. I dont want him to loose weight.
Good morning house, please what should i give my 9weeks old EBF baby that have jedi jedi
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Good evening everyone in the house. Am new here please i need help. My baby is 9weeks old but i noticed his poo is sometimes yellowish greenish in colour. Please what can i do bcos he is EBF
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