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Gudmornin mums I will b 38weeks on Tuesday and I fell hungry every 30mints tho I was not having Di's felling b4 am scared my baby will grow fat cos is already 2.70kg and my doc said I will have to b induced on worried.
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Olamiposi Ololade Ademuyiwa
Y induction at 38weeks? Ur Doctor must have told you y? 2.7kg isn't Big Sis, don't be scared
Briggs Sandra
Drearier u can eat, but not food rich in carbohydrate..... As for ur Doctor, tell him u dont want induction ooooooo... Hmmm pls wait till 40 weeks which is the normal range.. To avoid CS. Most Doctors are after the money
Chida Glitaz
I feel there must be a tangible reason for wanting to book her for induction u know doctors usually will not disclose sometimes bcs they don't want the patient to become scared... Take for instance if a patient water has been leaking is it not enuf reason for induction? Ma'am I think u deserve to know why if d reason ain't tangible enuf then u can choose to decline its ur right but try to ask...
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