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Good Day Ladies. I am about 4 weeks pregnant, I have serious malaria and a doctor advised I take Piritin, chloroquine and paracetamol for 3 days. Is it safe? Secondly since I got pregnant, my breasts have been growing sooo big and now it's beginning to pain me especially my nipples. I rarely go out now so I don't wear bra at home, will this cause my breasts to fall? I used to have very small breasts though. Thanks
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Ngwu Vivian Nneka
Do you go to test and it was confirmed malaria because some pregnancy come like malaria ,bit of it manage yourself tell after three months ,for the baby safe,it may not abort but mayor affect the baby two things
Ngwu Vivian Nneka
Don't mind my phone with the errors in the write up
My dear dont try it else u loose ur baby. Endure it cos some pregnancies come wt malaria. Had same experience for my 3 kids. With time maybe 3/4 months it will clear.
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