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My baby of 7months plus as been coughing and sometimes his body will be hot please what can I do?
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Pls any idea on good and affordable milk for my 6months old baby?
Compliment of d season. My baby is already 6mths since 24th and I did ebf with him but I don't know what type of food to give him, he's still taking breast milk and also he has been pooing since last wk for at least 3times a day. Help me out what should I do?
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Good morning, pls what can I do to add weight? Since I gave birth to baby I av nt been able to add weight and my baby is fat. What can I do?
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Gud evening mummies, pls my baby of 5weeks 5days stretches a lot and even make sounds while stretching. It does not make him av sound sleep at times because he still make sounds while sleeping . Pls what could be d cause?
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Good evening mummies and docs. Pls wot drug can I give to my baby after d navel has falling down ?
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Join me to appreciate the faithful God, he has bless my family with a bouncing baby boy this morning. 3.1kg
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Happy Sunday to d wonderful mothers and doctors in d house. Is blood tonic (de deon) gud for 36weeks pregnancy and if not what else can she take coz pple says she's looking as if her blood is low. Thanks
Gud day mothers, pls is zobo drink gud for pregnant women?
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