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Good evening mums...pls my baby took 6weeks immuz yesterday..since den hes been having temp n ddint suck well..hope its normal pls
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Pls dont give a 6wk old baby ibuprofen, its not indicated for them biko, its from 2yrs old. It's normal mam, next time give him the pcm drop before leaving home for the immunization. But for now, just administer every 4-6hrs till it subside. He will be fine, my baby experience same yesterday and she is okay today
Ngwu Vivian Nneka
Give the baby para,don't cover him up allow him take air,it will calm down, it last like two day it will calm down ,it mean the drug is working
Use your clinical thermometer to check her temperature.if it exceeds 37.5 degree then you administer paracetamol but if not then use tipid water to clean her body. Giving para before immunization is not advisable bcoz the injection is meant to give them fever that will last for two days only and if it exceeds two days stop giving para and take the baby to the hospital. Some babies might have malaria and when you give them dat immunization it brings out the fever so make sure u use ur thermometer
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