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Pls mother's what can I use for this rahes on my baby's bumb it started small then I bought baby tribotan then when i applied it it became worst pls kindly advise on what to use
Pls what food can I eat to help in lactating well,and how many times can a new born bath in a day
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To God be the glory my baby girl arrived on the first of September...pls mother's join me and return the glory to God.
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Great mums and docs pls am 35 weeks 4days and from my scan result my baby is in transverse position my ribs aches so much and have been sleeping only on my left side cos the head is in my right. Pls I want to ask is it ok to sleep on my right cos each time I turn to the right the baby is not always comfortable.And secondly what can be done to change the position to normal cos am beginning to be worried...Pls your urgent response.
Good Evening all...I just noticed my right hand side belly is bigger than the left and this days my baby kicks and moves alot , the kicks are so heavy that at night i cant even sleep I'm 33 wks 3days gone...pls is this normal? cos am worried (ftm).
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Good evening mum and docs pls what can be used for cough and body pains.
Gudevening all pls I just did scan today and my feotal weight is 923g at 27 weeks pls is this normal or too small?
Good morning mum and docs in da house...Pls i can't feel my baby kicking anymore is it alright am worried# first time pregnancy#
Pls my doc prescribe lonart for me to treat malaria is it safe?