I had asked a question here 2 weeks ago and nobody seem to answer me what could be the problem? Thìs itiching inbetween my v*** is making me uncomfortable. I have used visitsa plus and mycoten and it's not working. Please who knows the proper medication for itiching. I'm 31 weeks gone.
@Udeme28127, use ytcan cream dearq...sorry for the inconvenience
Doc good evening. My doctor prescribed the visita plus he said since it's not inside there is no need to take drug because of my condition. I should just apply it on the affected part but it's to no avail.
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

Hi Udeme, I remembered your question was answered. Since this is 2 weeks , You need to see a gynaecologist or preferably a dermatologist. It could be an infection. Your doctor sighting the area can help you greatly in recommending the drugs that works.